Although our cats demand to be cherished every day of the year, September is specifically reserved for Happy Cat Month. Join us in celebrating the month that is all about ensuring our cats are happy, healthy, enriched, and valued. Follow our four ways to show your cat that they are extra special! 


#1: Enrich your cat’s environment

As a house cat, your furry pal’s life may be pretty boring. Give your feline friend a variety of environmental enrichment options, such as:

  • A jungle — Take advantage of vertical space, and create a jungle for your predatory pet. Provide climbing towers where they can perch up high, and settle into lookout spots. Look into adding feline-only shelving for more exhilarating areas to maneuver.
  • Scratching posts — Cater to your cat’s need for claw care by spacing out scratching posts with a variety of scratching surfaces. Ensure each scratching area is at least as tall as your fully stretched cat. 
  • Food puzzles — Feed your cat from food puzzles designed to appeal to their predatory nature. Cats are natural grazers, and will eat up to 20 small meals per day.
  • The hunt — Encourage your cat’s inner hunter to emerge by playing with fishing pole toys, feather wands, and robotic mice.


#2: Practice perfect litter box hygiene

Cats are notoriously finicky, and their litter box hygiene must satisfy their exacting standards. A dirty litter box, or one that is poorly positioned, can instigate inappropriate elimination. Ensure your cat has multiple litter box choices that are placed in easily accessible, quiet areas, and kept as clean as possible.


#3: Acclimate your cat to the carrier

Does the sight of the carrier coming out of the closet send your cat running in fear? You’re not alone. Many cats associate the carrier with unpleasant car rides, and leaving the comfort of home. Check out these tips from International Cat Care on preparing your feline friend for a safe, secure ride.


#4: Schedule your cat’s wellness exam

The best way to cherish your cat is to ensure they remain in tip-top condition, year after year, and the best way to do that is through an annual routine wellness exam that checks your kitty from whiskers to tail. Contact us to schedule an exam, and help ensure your cat remains happy and healthy.